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"Your Back Office is Our Front Office"

Nortel Communications was established in 2020. It strives to combine customer needs with technology and people to produce a synergistic blend of customised solutions that produce higher profits, reduced costs, greater customer satisfaction and lasting client relationships.

Our business philosophy is inspired by the vision that, “Your Customer is Our Customer”, thus mandating a customer centric service culture, where outsourcing solutions transcend business boundaries, and our customer’s needs and interests are treated above our own.

Nortel Communication's team has a very successful history of assisting customers build businesses, reduce costs, improve margins, and increase share of market.  The founding members are credited with leading some of the top Global MNCs of various industries.

5 reasons why business hire our services

why Nortel should be your business partner

Capture every lead

All your calls answered 24/7, however many callers

Cost saving

Outsource your business at fraction of the cost to Nortel

Speed of business


While you focus on the core business, Nortel staff will give the best response time

Skilled man power

Be sure of exemplary services provided by skilled manpower at Nortel

Improve customer satisfaction

Nortel goal is to provide quality service to their hiring businesses, to make their investments worthwhile.

Our Services

Customer Services

We provide best in class customer services as we believe that your customer is our customer. Our seasoned CSRs ensure high quality services

Lead response
We place outbound calls to new contacts from webform submission or your CRM in less than 5 mins. We respond to your inbound calls in less than 4 rings to qualify and capture the information you need to make the sale

Chat Support

Active and skilled CS representatives offer support through live chat and email for enhancing business and increase growth in businesses. We also offer website development. 

Medical Transcription and Billing

We keep your billing accounts updated and also ensure that all payment obligations are met with the aid of innovative technology. Our transcription services are exceptional backed with advanced transcription technology and computer speech recognition.

Our Features

24/7 live agents
All our agents are professionally trained and are available 24/7 to respond & qualify your leads or provide service



Customisable call scripts
Your business is unique and so is your sales process. All our interactions are customisable, from the way our agents welcome your callers, to the qualifying questions we ask



Powerful integrations
We can directly integrate with your CRM and sync new information and fetch existing contacts for outbound follow-up

Harness the power of Nortel

People buy from people. Let us create connections

No voicemail. People won't call back, they'll call your competitors.

Prioritise your time. Focus on your best prospects, not each and every incoming call.

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Based on years of experience in providing businesses with Call Center, Web Development, Sales Lead Generation, Medical Billing and Transcription, we know that most clients:

Require customised solutions tailored to their needs that are conceived and implemented through a consultative process; and then seamlessly integrated with their processes and systems.


Desire 24/7 operational capability for certain outsourcing solutions.

Dictate that the new end-to-end process, resulting from the outsourcing solution, is governed by a service contract, which   delivers cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, metrics, reports, and analytics for their business.